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Lower KS2: Moving Mountains

In Lower Key Stage Two, the children received a letter from a zoo explaining there had been a terrible mix up! They were wanting to release different animals back to their mountainous habitats, but they sent them to the wrong place. It was their mission to collect the animals and take them to the correct mountains. They needed to help Glen the Golden Eagle, Halyar the Honey Badger, Sreva the Snow Leopard, Daisy the Dassie and Sachi the Japanese Sarrow. Along the way, they got the chance to explore different mountains and the countries that they’re in.


After arriving in Scotland on Ben Nevis, they returned Glen the Golden Eagle. They found out lots of information about the mountain and wrote down some facts on a postcard, along with a drawing of Ben Nevis.

Whilst at Ben Nevis, they discovered that is where Highland Spring comes from so write Highland Spring Adverts.

When they reached Mount Kilimanjaro, the children imagineered what it would be like climbing to the top. They then created a script of the journey up the mountain. They then performed their scripts.

The children got to Mount Fuji and went on a pilgrimage to a temple. They then wrote a letter home explaining their experience.

At Mount Everest, the children discovered that the conditions were very severe. They found out that mountaineers were guided by Sherpas who know the mountains well. To imagine what this would be like they went to the park and completed an activity where they were blindfolded and guided around with obstacles in the way.


They then used this inspiration to write a diary of what climbing Mount Everest would be like.

In Science, the children were looking into the water cycle so wrote about the journey of a water droplet.

When the children came across the Honey Badger, they found out that, whilst they look innocent, they re incredibly vicious. They therefore found them very interested so wrote a character description as the creature.