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Monday 11th January

Maths - 


Today we are looking at more or fewer. More means that there is a bigger amount and fewer means there is less. So, if I had 5 toys in one pile and 10 in another, the pile with 10 toys in it would be more as it is a bigger amount. Have a go at working out the questions below. 

Writing - 


Off we go exploring the island, when all of a sudden we come across a big tree. We check the map and discover that it is the womping willow! We need to somehow get the clue in the middle of tree, have a think about how we can do this. For todays lesson we are going to write a setting description about the womping willow tree. 


I would like you to write a sentence for each of your senses - 

I can see ...

I can hear...

I can smell...

I can touch...

Once you have written about your senses, go on to describe what you can see around the tree. 


Have a look at my work below!

I can see a scary tree waving its long arms at me. I can hear the wind in my ears. I can smell the fresh grass and it smells nice. I can touch the womping willow tree and it is hard. It is made of bark and it has twisted branches. I can see a gloomy sky.

Womping Willow

Still image for this video

Handwriting - 


Please practise your handwriting at home as daily as you can. Today we are looking at our letters that swing below the line. These letters are p, q, g.


Still image for this video

Reading - 


I have attached a video of a story below. There is also a little activity to do at the end of the story if you have any spare time.

When I Grow Up

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History - 


In our history lesson we will be looking at Christopher Columbus. Can you remember what he did? He travelled across the world from Spain to North America. What did he bring back with him? Tomatos, sweetcorn and animals! I have attached a video below to help refresh your memories. I would like you to go onto purple mash, then, go on your 2-do's. Here you will see a 2-do all about Christopher Columbus. You need to pretend to be him and write about his journey and what he saw. 

Christopher Columbus | Educational Videos for Kids

Hello friends, I ́m Cristobal Colon, the world famous sailor and adventurer.I am so famous because I discovered America, but the truth is, it was all possible...