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Create a castle challenge!

This week as part of our home learning we are setting a creative challenge. Can you build your own castle? To do this you will need:

Boxes of all shapes and sizes



Paint or felt pens

Child friendly scissors (under supervision)


Old kitchen roll tubes or toilet paper tubes for the towers 

egg box (use the ends for turrets) 

Have a look at some of the pictures below and watch the video of the different parts of the castle in our non fiction book about castles, then have a go at making yours. Will it have a working drawbridge? Will it's towers have turrets and crenellations? 

The best castle will receive a prize!

Have fun!


Today we are exploring the Qu sound. Watch the video below and complete the worksheet. 'qu' is for queen - can you practise writing the word 'queen'?


Still image for this video

Green Words

Still image for this video

Qu workbook

Red Words

Still image for this video

Maths - Recognising 9 and 10.


Allowing children to practice recognising number patterns allows them to subitise. Subitise is when we see an amount and know how many we can see without counting. As adults we use this skill daily. Children start to combine amounts to support them in working out how many they can see. This allows an in depth knowledge of numbers to develop.

Maths - recognising 9 and 10 continued



Still image for this video