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Week 5 Activities

We're on to week 5 of not being in school and I hope you are all keeping busy and not feeling too bored! I am missing you all lots and can't wait too see you all once we are back in class. 

DAY 1 - Science

Have a go at these cool weather science experiments!

PLAY | 5 Weather Science Experiments!!

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved weather especially rain, lighting, and clouds, so was psyched to try these 5 experiments with my kids!! Subscribe for mo...

DAY 2 - Art

Can you go outside and see what different things you can find to make an art picture? It could be twigs, sticks, rocks, leaves...whatever you can find! What are you going to make with them, an animal, or a home? Whatever you want!


DAY 3 - Makaton 

I hope you all can remember your makaton! Can you practise your makaton on your family? See if they can guess what each sign means. Why not have a go at practising Roar in makaton!


Makaton CarPark Karaoke - ROAR - Singing Hands

Makaton #Karaoke #ROAR We have been waiting to do this song for a while, but the recent heatwave here in the UK has made it too hot to do in these tigery on...

CBeebies | Something Special | Learn Makaton Signs

Join Justin from Something Special to get started with some simple Makaton signs. For lots more Makaton signs visit the CBeebies website:

DAY 4 - Maths 

We started to look at 3D shapes in our maths lessons. I was wondering how many you can remember! Can you go on a 3D shape hunt around your house, what is in the shape of a cube, or a sphere? Write down your findings!

DAY 5 - Writing 

Could you write about what you are most looking forward to doing once we are out of lockdown? I think I am most excited about seeing all of my friends and family!