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Spring 2 - Beans, greens and tall dreams

We found a map.. We didn't know where it had come from or what it would lead to so we followed it! 

It led us to some magic jelly beans! They were from someone called Jim. 

Who is Jim? ....

They were so magical that we wanted to grow more. We decided to plant out jelly beans!
We loved the beans so much we used them to help us with our counting and subtracting.
We read the story Jack and the Beanstalk and loved how Jack had got some magic beans just like us. We enjoyed it so much we wanted to retell it and talk about our favourite parts. Look at our amazing writing!
After a week.... our very own MAGIC JELLYBEAN STALK HAD GROWN!
Here is some of our writing about it.

We began to talk about what would be at the top. We looked at lots of different castle pictures and talked about the different features of castles. We learnt some exciting new words including turrets and dungeon.

Here is some of our writing.

After thinking about what our castles would look like, we started to think about what the giant inside our castle would look like. We then did some paintings and written giant descriptions. Here are some below.

On the 5th it was Pancake Day!

We all had a go at making and then tasting a pancake. We even put sugar on them. Yum. Yum.

They were too small for the giants to have any hehe.

On Thursday it was World Book Day!


Have a look at us all dressed up!



It was so exciting we all got to come dressed up as one of our favourite book characters.

This year the book Elmer is celebrating 30 years so all of the teacher's came dressed up as an animal out of the Elmer story. The moral from Elmer is all about being special and unique. We talked about what made us all special and unique. 


It is science week!


This week we are looking at plants, the life cycle of a chick, floating and sinking and dissolving.

Have a look at us doing some experiments, planting and writing below.

On Thursday we had a Science Fair. We all enjoyed it so much. We hope you did too!

After weeks of waiting... Our Chicks Hatched!


The children have loved being able to hold and handle the chicks.