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Adventure 5 The Great Fire of London

When we arrived at school all the teachers were ill! They had strange spots on them and their fingertips had gone black! We later found out that they had the Plague! The only problem was we did not know what this was, so we became detectives and looked at pictures to help us answer our questions. We needed to find out where it came from, how it got into England, what spread it, what people thought the cures were and how you knew if someone was infected in that house. 

We later found a magic key that took us back to a street in St Giles-in-the-Field. There we saw what it was like to live in London in 1665. It was quite an experience!

Some people thought they could avoid the plague by doing some strange things! We were given pictures of milk, a toad and a bunch of flowers and we had to decide what people did with them. We then found out that they though eating toads, bathing in milk and sniffing flowers would stop them from getting ill.

In reading we have been working in our inference skills. We started by look at clues in pictures and then moved onto our poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. We were able to read around the text to get more information.