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Friday 16th July

Spellings - 





Maths - 

We are going to be recapping our two times tables today. The way to remember your twos is that you say a number, skip a number, say the next. Have a go at completing the sheet below. I want us to get really good at being able to recall them by saying 1 x 2 is = 2 etc, rather than just count 2,4,6,8 etc. 

Writing - 

Today in our writing we are going to find Finn! Have a hunt around your house for him, I am sure you can find him somewhere! He is so happy that he has found us, he can finally go home and see all of his friends and family. 


We are going to write a diary entry from Finns experience of being lost. He has been to so many places, he met some mermaids who took him on an adventure down to the bottom of the ocean. He ate some funny tasting seaweed and had to drink a magic potion to make him feel better, he then was worried he would never get home! 


Things to include (remember, you are Finn so write using I)

- Dear Diary 

-What you did 

-How you felt 

-From Finn