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Monday 25th January


This week we are looking at 3D shapes. These are shapes that are fat. Can you name any?  

See if you can find these shapes around your house:

  • cylinder 
  • sphere
  • cube
  • cone
  • cuboid

send me a picture of what you find!


Our text this week is called 'Lost in the Garden Maze'.


You can read the text here:


We are going to be looking at sequencing this week. Today we are going to think about what happens when in the text.


  1. What does the dog do first to try and escape the maze?
  2. What is the last thing the dog tries to help him escape?
  3. What does the dog do after he asks the bird for help?
  4. What happens after it became dark?
  5. What did Lenny do after he woke up?
  6. What happened after Lenny found the lamb?
  7. What happened when Lenny got home?


We found out last week that we were heading to the Mystical Maze. The natives love this maze and think it is amazing and great fun. They have given us some clues about what to expect in the maze. They are:

  • quizzes
  • confusing signs
  • towers
  • bridges
  • locked gates
  • giant puddles
  • stepping stones
  • games
  • glowing goblet


They would love it if lots of people that visited the island took a trip to the maze. They want everyone to know about it. To thank them for their help so far we are going to write an advert to get people to come and visit the Mystical maze. 


To make it sound the best maze we need to come up with adjectives:

  • amazing
  • wonderful
  • spectacular
  • glorious
  • extraordinary
  • marvelous
  • fabulous
  • incredible
  • staggering
  • astonishing
  • breathtaking

We need to include:

  • title (Come to the Mystical Maze)
  • What they should come to and why
  • a description of what they can do there
  • where it is
  • when it is open
  • how much it costs
  • why they don't want to miss out


We started to look at the work of Kandinsky and many of you drew wonderful spiral inspired work to show the fruit on the trees.


This week we are going to be using the same idea but we are going to create a maze. Your circles need to become a giant spiral like the one below and coloured using greens for the bushes and browns for the path.

Start with a dark green, change the darkness of the colour by pressing hard and lighter. Move on to a lighter green and repeat. The finish with a brown in the centre.