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Egyptian Explorers

A theft at the British museum meant that there were no more ancient Egyptian artifacts.  Elder Class had to help.

We traveled back in time to the time of the pharaohs.  We landed with a bump inside a pyramid's tomb.  

We immediately had to act as we were under attack from the surprise traps left there!

We made our way through the obstacle course - take a look at how well we did! 

Inside the tomb, we saw a mummy!  We were eager to find out how it was made.

We explored the mummification process and even turned ourselves into a mummy!

we could even order the process ourselves!
We then wrote detailed instructions as to how complete the perfect mummification.  
To help us understand this complicated process further, we mummified an apple and closely watched the process unfold before our eyes.
As we walked through the pyramid, we saw interesting writing on the walls.  We learnt that this was hieroglyphics.  The ancient Egyptians also had their own way of writing numbers too.  
Elder Class then learnt a great deal about the different Gods the ancient Egyptians believed in.
Buried with the Pharaoh were some fantastic clay pots.  We made our own too.
This is how they turned out!
We then wrote amazing adverts to sell our pots.
On leaving the pyramid, we saw another being built.  We learnt about the process of pyramid building.
This process was amazing and very interesting.  We decided to learn about the forces involved in moving these heavy slabs.
Elder Class also learnt about magnetic forces.

Thank you to all our parents who helped us celebrate the end of our adventure. We opened our very own museum!