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Adventure 6 - The Great Barn Disaster

The term our adventure begins with a letter! Walt Disney has written to us and told us all about an old, run down barn he has found. He wants to buy the barn and turn it into something exciting. He needs our help to decide on an exciting plan for the barn.

We started off by finding out a little bit more about Walt Disney. We then wrote reports all about Walt Disney and the amazing things he achieved.

First, we did some fact finding to find out all about his life!

Then we turned our facts into reports.

In RSHE, we have been learning about what it means to save money. We thought about ways we might save money, why we might save money and drew pictures of things we would like to buy once we had saved up some of our own money.

In Art, we learnt all about our artists for this term. Their names are David Sproxton and Peter Lord. We wrote a little bit about each artist and even wrote some of the films they have made. 

In RSHE, we talked about different jobs that people have. We then thought about what kinds of people do these jobs. We talked to our partners about what we want to be when we’re older and why.

This week we thought about what we might want to turn the barn into. We thought about turning it into a Rosie for Disneyland. We had to try out some of our own to know what kind of ride we wanted to design. 


Still image for this video
Miss Kelly got creative with the water!

We then had a go at designing our own rides and wrote adverts to go with them to get customers to come and try them out.

In RE, we heard the story of Muhammad and the tiny ants. It is a story that is taught in Islam about how every creature, no matter how small, is loved by Allah. We also learnt that this is the same in Christianity. God loves all creatures, no matter how small. 

We then went outside and made bug houses to take care of the tiniest creatures in our world.

We have been so lucky this term and we’re visited by a sound artist from Sky! We used our voices and instruments to create animal sounds and then he created a piece of music out of it in his laptop! We all got to use the microphone and he made our voices sound funny!

In RSHE, we learnt about the Police and how they help us. We wrote adjectives describing what police officers are like. 

We received a letter from Walt Disney’s Team. They wanted to turn the barn into a restaurant. We had to write a letter back to them to explain why it might be a good or bad idea. 

In Geography, we learnt about what a human feature is. We drew an example of a human feature and wrote a definition about what a human feature is. 

We have been exploring making things out of plasticine. We have made fruit, flowers and characters!

In RE, we heard the story of Noah’s Ark. We made pictures of our own arks using wood! Then we filled them with animals.