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Ares was so impressed with our Trojan horses he sent us to meet our next god Hestia, the goddess of justice and fairness. Hestia told us how the Greeks were one of the first civilisations to implement democracy. We had a really grown up conversation about democracy and how it may still have been unfair in Ancient Greece because only certain people were allowed to vote. We compared it with todays democracy and questioned whether our system was fair. Some children believed the age to vote should be lowered and others felt that you shouldn't be able to vote once you pass a certain age.
Hestia then told us how Christians viewed justice and fairness and how this comes through in their 10 commandments.

To see how fair Ancient Greek democracy was, we were each given a character. We did lots of different votes, then we checked our characters and saw whether we would've actually of been allowed to vote. Most of us had to sit down. We said that this was very unfair and didn't reflect what the majority of people wanted.