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Spring 1

Week 2 - measuring dinosaur footprints

This week we have recapped on measuring length. We have used non- standard measure to find out which dinosaur footprint is the longest. We used our language or fair, long, longest, longer, short, shorter and shortest. 


"I think it was a Mummy and a Daddy dinosaur because 1 footprint is shorter." - Ava


"This footprint is 7 long and this one is only 6. That one is longer".- Zac


"I think the dinosaur only had 2 legs because I can see 2 and 2".- Farrah

Week 3 - 6

This week we are using our number knowledge to find out all about 6. We've made 6 using different objects. We've said how many more we need to make 6 using our knowledge of combing 2 groups to make a whole number. We have said 1 more and 1 less than 6 and located number 6 on the number line.

Finding 6 - concept table

We found 6 in lots of different places around the classroom. 6 on a clock, 6 on a 6 sided shape, 4 and 2 dots on a domino, 6 holes in an egg container and many more.