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I will be delivering a live phonics lesson at 9.15am. Please ensure your child has a pencil and paper for the spelling portion of the lesson.


I have created a 'phonics games' tab on cherry page - this has lots of games for the children to play at home, as well as the phonics screening tests for the children to practice their segmenting and blending with. It would be really valuable for the children to practice these skills as they have a huge impact on their reading.



Handwriting - letters r,n,m

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Fantastic Mrs Fox - Chapter 3

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The children are finding 1 more or 1 less than a given number and completing number patterns. Reinforce the use of number lines by making 'jumps' forwards and backwards from each marker.


A few of the number patterns jump forward in 2s, it would be valuable for the children to write down their 2 times tables prior to completing these.

Count by 2s Song

A song to teach kids how to skip count by twos. Careful! It speeds up...Subscribe! ➜ the Hop...


Today the children will be editing sentences and correcting spelling and punctuation. The children should copy out the sentences and correct them as they go. I will model this in the 1pm writing lesson.


It is important the children work on their handwriting, forming their letters correctly and writing neatly on the line with letters the correct size in relation to one another.


I would like the children to create their own cardboard tube parrot. You will need a cardboard tube (this may be a toilet roll tube or a paper towel tube), some pen/pencils or paint, glue and paper. 

What kind of colours will your parrot be? Have a look at a Macaw Parrot, they are very colourful and are often found on a pirate's shoulder!