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Thursday 21st Jan


We are going to revisit yesterday's lesson as I understand that a few of you struggled with the bus shelter method. We will be practising the method throughout the live lesson and then you will try some questions independently. The questions will be a variety of answers, some including remainders and some that are able to be divided equally so please make sure you are concentrating. As usual, send me your work through email and if you have any questions about the work there will be a video underneath that you can watch or you can get in touch with me.

Example- 2-digit.

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Example- 3-digit.

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Guided reading:

Today we are going to be looking at another biography, again to familiarise ourselves with the structure and features in order to help us with our writing. We are going to look at a biography about Sir Isaac Newton who is another scientist famous for his work on gravity and light. We will then be answering some comprehension questions based on the text just like yesterday. However, this time there will be different types of questions to check your understanding. Don't forget, the answers are always in the text!


Today we are going to continue with our writing. We are going to be writing the main section of the biography; paragraph 2, 3 and 4 which you should have decided on yesterday.  This means that these paragraphs will be about the key events that happened in Darwin's life and this is where your adventure research lessons will come in handy. For example; early life/family life, his scientific theory and how he got it and his late life. Our main objective will be fronted adverbials therefore this is what you must include in your writing. During the live lesson, we will discuss what a fronted adverbial is and come up with some examples together that you can magpie for your writing. You will then independently write your main paragraphs for your biography and then we'll be nearly finished!



Go through the presentation and watch the video of Mr Cooper explaining how much sugar is in some of the foods we enjoy the most. Then, have a look at the food diary and do some analysis of it. You need to work out how much sugar the person eats using the table to convert and then how many portions of fruits and vegetables that person eats a day and write a suggestion about how they could improve their diet.