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In today's lesson we are  continuing to add different amounts together. However, there is an extra step to reach the answer. 



1. Add the pence together, 50p + 65p = 115p = £1. 15p

2. Add the pounds together.

3. Add the two amounts together. 


GP: Work out the answers using the method above. 


Workbook sheets: 


1: Work out the answer using the method we have looked at so far (Add the pence, add the pounds.)

2: Add the pence together (90p + 50p = 140p) then, convert it to pounds and pence (£1.40p) afterwards, add the pounds. Finally, add the two amounts together. See picture below.

3. Similar to question 2, firstly add the pence together, convert it to pounds and pence. Add the pounds. Finally, add the two amounts together. See picture below. 


Challenge yourself to count up in fours to 48 in under ten seconds! Remember to take a video and send it to the class email!


You have been excellent in Guided Reading this week, answering a range of questions and using different skills to answer them!


Today's task is to create a poster which answers questions all about the book!


What is the setting of the story?

Who are the characters?

What type of text is it?

Why are you reading it?


Fill your poster with images and colour!


Today you're going to write the main paragraph of the story! 


In this paragraph you need to:


- Say what the problem is (The two coins get stuck down the pipe to the wishing well.)

- State how the problem is fixed (What does the 'wishgranter' do?)


In this paragraph can you include: 


An exclamatory sentence?

A range of adverbs? (suddenly, instantly, quickly.)

Time conjunctions? 


Underneath, there is a picture of my example. 


In RE, we are looking at different religious ceremonies and in particular weddings! For today's task you need to:


Go through the powerpoint which explains different religious weddings.

Fill out the worksheet on different weddings.


If you can't access the powerpoint, there is an information poster on each wedding you can use to fill the worksheet in.