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Thursday 25th February


Today we are going to review what we have learnt about telling the time. We are going to be looking at reading the time on the clock and thinking about how many minutes past the hour it is, drawing missing hands on the clock to show the correct time, working out the start and end times, as well as comparing time. We will be putting all of our new knowledge to the test! 


Today we are going to be helping Duncan fix the problems with the green, yellow and orange crayons. Green seems quite happy with how Duncan uses him but yellow and orange are in a bit of a battle. Re-read their letters to find out what is going wrong so that Duncan can fix it.



1. What are the two reasons that green crayon is writing to Duncan?

2. What does green crayon congratulate Duncan on?

3. Why are yellow and orange crayon fighting?

4. When did Duncan use yellow crayon for the sun?

5. What was Duncan colouring when he used yellow crayon for the sun?

6.  When did Duncan use orange crayon for the sun?

7. What two things was Duncan colouring when he used orange crayon for the sun?


In each country of Europe that Red Crayon went to visit he found something that he loved to colour- something that is NOT normally red, but no one told him he couldn't! Have a look at what red crayon got to draw in each country. We are going to explain to Duncan what each picture is and where he was when he drew them and the colour it is normally before telling him why red crayon drew it! Have a look at his drawings below.

Can you work out what red crayon drew and what country he might have been in at the time?

Our objective today it to use the connective 'but'. 'But' is used to connect two statements that contrast or contradict each other in some way. For example, fish and chips are not normally red but red crayon has coloured them this colour- this goes against what is normal. Your sentence might be:

Fish and Chips- England

Red crayon drew fish and chips when he was in England but fish and chips are usually brown, beige and yellow.


Valentine's Day has just been, a day when red crayon is usually very busy! One thing he has to draw a lot of is red roses. Red roses are given to people on valentine's day to represent love. Red crayon has been sent some roses from Duncan as an apology but red crayon doesn't know how to look after them. We need to test the best place for the roses to be kept. (you could try this at home too with any flower you have or a plant from the garden). We are going to put a rose in different conditions to work out what helps it will grow best.


These are the conditions we will put the roses in:


What do you think will happen to each rose and why? Fill in the experiment write up below.