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When class 3/4 met Ares, they soon realized he wasn't as friendly as the other Greek Gods. He told us all about his favourite battle, 'The Battle of Marathon'. The children had to listen carefully to the story and remember every detail because Ares asked them to write down everything they had been told so they could retell the story once they got home.

  Ares then asked the children to imagine they were an Athenian soldier at war in the battle of Marathon.  They put on armour and marched towards the beach where they waited for the Persians to attack. The children really enjoyed this Imagineering and it really helped them to write a diary of the events.

Ares then asked us to help him design a propaganda poster to persuade people to join the Athenian army. The children looked at some old war time posters for ideas and inspiration, they then wrote down their piece of writing using lots of exclamation marks to persuade people and added a picture in the style of the old war posters. They turned out great!
Once we defeated the Persians, Ares told us about the famous 'Trojan War' The children learnt about Priam's treasure and how Aphrodite accidently started the war!
We had great fun designing, making and evaluating our Trojan horses. Take a look at our creations!