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Adventure Three - The Day The Crayons Quit

Our friend Duncan just wants to colour in, but his crayons have had enough and decided that they want to quit! They're fed up of either not being used, scribbled with, or used way to much. Can we help Duncan and the crayons to live together without any arguments?

The Day the crayons quit - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

Books Alive! Read aloud Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers hilarious account of the revolt of Ducan's misused and unhappy crayons. A great children's book for c...

Purple Crayon decided to quit and go to Asia and found that the weather was quite different there! We decided to create our own weather report for Asia TV, look how the videos turned out. 

Lucii - Weather Report on Asia

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Elsa - Weather Report on Asia

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Blake - Weather Report on Asia

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We had an afternoon of looking at evergreen and deciduous trees. We had a sorting activity to do, studied leaves from both trees and went on a hunt to find both of the trees and see what they looked like. 
We had a think about our worries today and spoke about who we had to talk to if we ever felt worried or nervous about something. We then made our own worry balloon - Bubbles. We thought that we could tell bubbles our problems if we didn't want anyone else to know. We then decided to go outside and say our worries out loud, when we did this we then popped the bubbles and pop! Our worries were halved.
In our mindmates lesson we looked at what it meant to be kind, and acted out situations in which we had o think if the actions took were kind or not. We then thought about what we would do in that situation. We had a kind bucket and had to draw ourselves doing something good, like playing with our friends or helping teachers. 
We learnt about the United Kingdom today and what countries make it up. We then learnt a silly dance to help us remember where each country is on the map! 

United Kingdom

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Our class song!

The Color Song: A Funny Song

The Color Song. This is an animated video of the popular funny song, The Color Song. Can YOU guess the right colors? (Answers below!). Animation by Mooms. ...

In our writing lesson we became teachers for the day! We had to highlight a piece of work, finding out which were the good sections and which we could adapt to make even better.
In RSHE we looked at how to cope with our feelings after change or death. We had a circle time and then had a sorting activity.
We wrote a story all about a magical crayon and the adventures it goes on!