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Listen to the story and talk about what happens with a grown up.

Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs part 1

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Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs part 2

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I hope you enjoyed the story, if you would like to have a closer look at the pictures use the video on YouTube, you can listen again to the story too. 



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Now you know the story quite well can you talk to a grown up about these questions? 


Which dinosaur did Harry have to fix?



Tell me some of the places Harry took the dinosaurs in their bucket.

Where did Harry lose his dinosaurs?


Ask a grown up to talk to you about 'lost property'  what is it? 

Now it's time for you to have a go at  putting dinosaurs into a bucket.   Ask a grown up to draw a big bucket on a piece of paper.    Now using pencils, crayons, felt tips or whatever you have at home, can you draw some dinosaurs inside the bucket.   You might draw one with a long neck, or one with spikes on it's back,  have a go, when you have finished talk to a grown up about what you have drawn.   

If you would like, you could also have a go at making a bucket and sticking  some dinosaurs inside, you might need some help with the cutting out.   It would be great to see some of the drawings you do, please  take a photo and send them to us , we cannot wait to see them. 

Play a dinosaur stomp counting game.

You'll need  - 

a dice, a game board  and something  to use as your counter, a little dinosaur would be great if you had one or any other small toy.   Ask an adult to make a game board for you, drawing on a number of dinosaur footprints going across the board.  There's one here you could use for ideas.  


To play, explain that the dinosaur/counter/toy  will follow the footprints to find the swamp and they must move from one footprint to the next.

Throw the dice and ‘stomp’ the dinosaur across the same number of footprints as the number rolled on the dice. Continue until you have reached the swamp.