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Spellings - Words that have the -tch spelling (adding the 't' before 'ch').






TCH Trigraph Sound | TCH Song and Practice | ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children

This animated phonics song helps children learn the sound of the trigraph TCH in English. A trigraph is a combination of three letters representing one sound...


Today we are going to be using our bodies to measure - feet and hands.  I would like to find furniture or items in your house, guess how many hands it may be and then find out. For example, I guess my desk is about 5 hands tall. When I checked, it was 6 hands tall! I was very close.


The worksheet is only 1 page and requires you to guess the length/height of items. You will need to think logically, would a can of pop be 11 feet tall? No, so see if you can find another answer that is more reasonable.


Today we are going to be describing traditional Asian clothing as purple crayon has decided to travel to Asia as he is taking a break from working. Have a look at the images below and see if you can think of any adjectives to describe the colour, style and texture. This is an opportunity to be imaginative and think of new words. 


I would like us to try and use commas today when describing using adjectives. Commas are used when you are listing words e.g. The lady has a long, red dress. She has shiny, delicate jewels in her hair. 

The comma separates 2 adjectives, have a ago and see if you can use a comma in your descriptions today.


Possible adjectives:

  • gorgeous

  • gleaming

  • shiny

  • elegant

  • precious

  • delicate

  • beautiful 

  • magnificent

KS1 English - What Are Expanded Noun Phrases?

What are expanded noun phrases? We explain how they help us add more detail to our writing! Find great English resources here:


Today I would like you to record your very own weather report for Asia. Have a look at the video below - Asia has cold and dry winters with very hot and wet summers. They have rain called a 'monsoon storm' which is when the rain is so bad it floods huge areas, even schools are closed because of it!


I would like you to film yourself delivering your own weather report - make sure you include what the weather and tempature will be like and where.

AccuWeather com Weather Video Asia Weather Forecast