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Summer 1 - Rainforest Rumble

There's an orangutan in my classroom and we don't know what to do, He plays with all our toys and keeps borrowing our glue.


We found an orangutan in our classroom!

He looks like he's been having lots of fun in the pictures that he has posted to us. He has been playing with a shoe and some glue, been in the hall with a ball and been eating carrots with parrots! 


He just loves to rhyme, we thought we could help him have some more fun by thinking of other things that rhyme too!

We worked in groups to match some rhyming pairs and continue a rhyming string. 

We wanted to find out more about Clyde the Orangutan so we asked him some questions. Some of the things we asked were:


Why did you come to school?


What made you leave your home?


What is the rainforest like?


Do you know King Louie? 

We decided we were going to go to the rainforest ourselves. We had to decide on what items we needed to take with us that would fit in our backpack. Here is some of our writing.

It was time to go to the rainforest!  We all boarded the plane with our passports and boarding cards. Once we had found our seats we had to fasten our seat belts ready for take off. It was a bit bumpy when we got in to the air, we were moving all over the place. We decided to have a sleep because the flight was soooo long. Finally we landed! 


We got off the airplane and had to fan ourselves because it was so hot. Moments later we had to unpack our waterproof coats because it was raining. We walked through the rainforest and found a camp to stop at. We sat down and the Rainforest Ranger Peter appeared. He was so happy to see Clyde with us. He told us he was worried because he was missing some of Clyde's friends. He had some pictures of what they looked like and we decided to help. We made him some 'missing' posters that he could put up. Have a look below.

Peter the Park ranger sent Miss Murphy some photos. They were clues to where she was hiding in our classroom. HOORAY! WE FOUND PAULA! Look at our letters we wrote back to Peter to let him know she was safe.

We had a brilliant day at YORKSHIRE WILDLIFE PARK! We got to see lots of different animals. It was so fun!

We even got to go in the indoor play ground. Mr Frankland went down the slide with some of us.

After seeing the animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, we had a go at doing some animal yoga so we could move around like them.
We were keen to write about what animals we had seen and what our favourite bits of the day were.
Then we enjoyed painting some pictures of tigers and lemurs. They were just 2 of our favourites from the day.