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Tuesday 29th


Following on from our 9.30 live lesson, you will need to complete:

- Arithmetic questions from lesson 1 slides. 

- Planet VUP worksheet. 


Please send them to the willow class email address for me to check :)


Following on from our live Reading session at 10.30, you will need to complete the 'Preview' sheet from our text - Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. Use the front cover image to record your initial thoughts about what the text may be about. Then compile a list of questions you would like to ask the author. You don't need to have read the text for this activity.

Remember to send your work to Willow class email:



This week, we are going to be writing a setting description of Hogwarts castle.

In today's lesson, we will be gathering some ideas and vocabulary. 

Use the slides and the link to a scene in the film, along with the extract from the text and the descriptosaurus sheets, to generate some ideas. Think about what you can describe, and what vocabulary you could use. 


Use the 5 senses sheet to gather your initial thoughts, and then add some vocabulary to the first section of the SPAG sheet.