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Down on the farm

The children have loved the down on the farm topic. They have listened to many stories, including Farmer Duck, Captain Duck, I love the farm and many more. We have learnt the Tiny Caterpillar song and the Spring Chicken song. The children have shown their true artistic talent this half term and they have shown how amazing they are! Have a look at the wonderful activities that the children have experienced this half term:




We have been learning about life on a farm. We learnt that pigs love mud! We talked about the features of a pig and how a farmer looks after the pigs. We also made the sound a pig makes. We painted our own muddy pigs using pink paint and sponges to add the muddy detail.

Collage Animals


We used our artistic skills to be able to make a collage of a farm animal. The children talked about the different animals that they might find on the farm. The children looked at pictures of the farm animals and then decided which collage materials would be suitable to suit the colour of the animals. The results were fantastic.

Farm Role Play


A small world farm role play was set up for the children to enjoy. The children were able to feed the animals, use the tractor to harvest the corn, sow the seeds and groom the horses amongst other things. The children had such a good imagination and were able to tell many stories about what was happening on the farm.

Positional Language Game


We have been learning to follow and describe objects using positional language. We played a game with the farm animals to put them where the positional clue told us to.

Real Life Chicks!


Some real chicks hatched in school and we were very lucky to be able to stroke and handle the chicks. The children were very careful and looked after the chicks well. We talked about the chicks growing and eventually laying eggs that we could have for our tea, just like the Spring Chicken song!

Chick Inspired Art Work!

After the children had seen real life chicks they were very excited. We decided that we should make our own chick inspired art work! We used a fork to be able to paint the yellow body of a chick. We then added feathers, googly eyes, legs and a nose to complete the chick.

Farmer Role Play

We pretended to be a farmer and we completed many jobs for Old Macdonald. We fed the animals, milked the cows, and groomed the horses. We then wrote down what we had done so that Old Macdonald knew we had helped him.

Pig Weaving!

The children used string to be able to weave around the pig.