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Spring 2 - 'LEGO' Solve a Mystery

'LEGO' Solve a Mystery

We returned back to school to find there was an explosion of LEGO on the field! It turns out that a LEGO building was there, built with a gold brick, but the golden brick had been stolen!  We searched the field to look for clues and narrowed it down to there being 4 different suspects: a footballer, Batman, Brigg and Ole Kirk Christiansen. We will spend the rest of this half term interviewing these suspects to find who stole the golden brick. Along the way the suspects will teach us new things and help us solve the mystery! Once the mystery is solved we hope to invite friends and family to join us for a LEGO building afternoon. Keep a look out for the date!

Our songs for this adventure are Lego House by Ed Sheeran and Everything is Awesome from the LEGO Movie. 

Ed Sheeran- Lego House Lyrics

Everything is Awesome Lyrics

Uploaded by Cody Petersen on 2014-02-20.

Miss Robertshaw told us that she had witnessed a crime on the field in the morning. We decided to go and investigate the clues left behind to see if we could help solve the mystery. We interviewed Miss Robertshaw as she was a witness to the crime. We used her quotes within a newspaper report to inform the rest of the public what had happened.

We then decided to meet our first suspect: The footballer. We thought he might’ve stolen the golden LEGO brick to create a new trophy! 1. When we met the footballer, he told us all about the history of football and we compared football in the past to what we know today. We then had a try at some football warm up circuits that real footballers use. We also had a really fun game of 4 benches! Next we imagined that we had the chance to walk out with our favourite football team and wrote a recount of the match. We had an amazing time playing our very own game of football! Finally, the footballer asked us to create a new Leeds United kit.

We then wanted to interview our next suspect…. Batman! He told us he was only there to stop the Joker from stealing the golden brick! So we sent him away back to his comic book. We took a look at his comic book and loved the art work! So we decided to create our own comic book art work. We looked at Roy Lichtenstein and how he used colourful dots to make his pop art! The results were fantastic.

 We then wanted to use our artwork in our very own comic! We planned the story and made some great stories of Superheroes vs. Robots.

 Inspired by our comics, we wanted to create a cape for our superheroes! We started by designing them and then created them from pillowcases. We learnt how to stich it together.

Next we wanted to interview the little boy carrying a book about a flower. He told us he wanted the golden brick to see if it would help his flowers grow, but by the time her got there it had already been stolen!

 He then showed us his beautiful flower that he had grown.

 We learnt about the different parts of a flower.

Then we created an experiment to text what flowers need to grow. We set up 4 different conditions to test whether they need light or water. We tracked our plants every day.

 Then he taught us about the different technical names of a plant and their functions.

 After that we learnt about the life cycle of a plant and how plants and animals all work together.

 We wrote up what we learnt into an interesting explanation.

 Finally, we imagined what it would be like to be a flower! We started from a seed and described our journeys. We wrote down what happened to us in a diary.




Finally, we met our last suspect… Ole Kirk Christiansen. We decided to open the letter that we found on the field and it said…

We immediately accepted the challenge! Before we started to create our LEGO sets, we wanted to understand a little more about Ole and the history of LEGO. We watched a short film about him and then completed a Burn2Learn where we had to search the classroom for all the important moments in LEGO’s history. We then put this information onto a time line.

Once we learnt about LEGO’s history, we got to work right away and started to design our toy sets. We really looked at designs and sets that were already on the market and thought about how to meet our design criteria. We work with our partners and planned our set.

Next, we worked together to build and test them out! We were really pleased with our results.

Just like real designers and creators, we evaluated our product and even asked for customers reviews which helped us to think about how to improve our products for the future.

 Ole suggested that we created adverts to really sell our products to our customers! We had to be persuasive to sell as many as possible.

We’re glad that Ole admitted to setting up the crime, but we still had a lot of questions to ask him! So we wrote him a letter that thanked him for creating LEGO and also asked him questions about the crime and LEGO itself.

Now that we’d found our suspect, wanted to recreate the crime scene CCTV using LEGO! We planned what it would look like on a storyboard.

We then used the LEGO Movie App to create a stop-motion film of the crime scene. We even edited them to add sound and extra animations.

As a reward for our fantastic LEGO sets that we created for Ole, he gave us tickets to visit LEGOLAND! We had an amazing time. Some would even say it was the best trip ever!

We had such a fantastic adventure that we wanted to write down all our memories in a recount to share with everyone.

Blossoming Buddies

We made our half-termly trip to Blossom class! They loved hearing all about our LEGO adventure and were very jealous that we got to do a whole adventure on LEGO!