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Adventure 2: Dino Dilemma

Dino Dilemma!

I hope that you are all ready to take on our next adventure ‘Dino Dilemma’. We are going to meet a pack of lions and herd of dinosaurs both fighting it out to reign supreme on Animal Island. It is our job, as Island Keepers, to control the feisty animals and fix any problems they may encounter!

As it was bonfire night, down on Lion Island they were having a bonfire, but unfortunately it got out of control! The fire surrounded the island and the lions had to escape. We imagined what it would have been like on the island.

The dinosaurs said the the lions could move onto their island as long as they helped them find the missing baby dinosaur and look after the rest of the eggs.

As the lions wanted to move to Dino Island we thought we would make a map of the island to show them around. We all drew a section of the island and then stuck it together. On the island there was a Dino Den Tree House, Prehistoric Park, a Wicked Wood and much more!

We thought that we should conduct some research on Dinosaurs if we were sending the lions to live with them. We found it hard to find out a lot of information. We learnt that paleontologists looked at bones and fossils to find out more about dinosaurs. We created our own bones and fossils and then put each other to the test to see which dinosaur they thought it was.

This week there was a problem down at the watering hole.  Every time the dinosaurs went down to get a drink, they got hairs stuck in their throat.  The lions also complained to us about the dinosaurs and how they were wasting the water by having water fights and there wasn’t enough water left to drink. We split up into lions and dinosaurs and had a debate to see who we thought was right or wrong. We then decided that the only way to solve the problem was to talk about it and compromise.

This week the dinosaurs were complaining about how the lions have taken lots of their food to make their dens.  We created lions dens to show the keepers what they look like.

In reading we have been looking at 'The Lion Who Lost His Roar'. We read different parts of the text and created freeze frames of what we thought it would have looked like.

This week we became scientists. We had the ‘exciting’ job of looking at dinosaur poo! We searched it for signs of what the dinosaurs had been eating to find out if they were carnivores or herbivores.

We needed to solve the noise problem on Dino Island. We came up with the idea of giving the animals earmuffs to block out the noise. We conducted a test to find out which material would be best to use for our earmuffs. We stuffed each material in the end of a tube and spoke through the tube to our partner.

All night long the lions roar.  This is disturbing the dinosaurs sleep, making them grumpy.  The sleepy, grumpy dinosaurs begin to stomp around during the day, making lots of noise, disturbing the lions who sleep during the day.  As the keepers we needed to sort out this problem so that they could live harmoniously. We made the animals earmuffs so that they couldn’t hear each other.

The dinosaurs and lions were on their own on the island this week. The keepers were away! They were having all sorts of accidents around the messy island that we had to teach them to make a 999 call and stay safe!

This week the animals were getting ready for Christmas, but the lions couldn't reach the tall trees to put the decorations up. We made them ladders to help.

This week Dan came to visit us! We were so excited.

We then got to dig for fossils and discover our own dinosaurs!