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Activities during closure- Week beginning 20/04/20

Week 4

From me and Mrs Russell, we hope everyone from Elder class had the best possible Easter considering the circumstances. I hope you've all seen the video of all the staff at Westwood dancing! below is my section of the dance if you wanted to see it again! (sorry I can't dance). I thought for the first activity this week, we could carry on dancing. See if you can make your own dance to the same song 'Megan Trainor- Better when I'm dancing', I'm sure yours will be better than mine!

IMG_3927-1 .mov

Still image for this video


I hope everyone is having fun In the sun! Today I thought you could do your very own Science experiment outside. Firstly, you need a black and a white crayon. Place them both on a piece of paper/card outside. Every hour that passes record what is happening, is one melting quicker than the other? What does this mean? 

Once you've done you can do your write up making sure you include your prediction, equipment, what you did and your conclusion. Good luck Scientists! and see if you can think of any more experiments to do in the sun.


If you can't do this experiment because you don't have those crayons don't worry! Instead, you guys can place two ice cubes outside either on a piece of card or paper. Before you start the experiment, place some salt on one of the ice cubs. Which ice cube melted quicker? why did it melt quicker? Afterwards complete your scientific write up.


Can you complete both experiments?


Instead of the Joe Wicks workout, see if you can try this mini workout today! If you find it too easy you can do it a couple of times and if your finding it tricky stop and try again! see if you can complete it once.


Can you handle the CHA CHA SLIDE PLANK CHALLENGE? Comment below with a friend you would try this with. Check out LEAN WITH LUKE'S CHANNEL HERE ► https://www....


Another sunny day today! see if you can create some cool drawings by placing an object next to a piece of paper in the sun. You can then trace the shadow! Make sure you take pictures and create lots of them!


Today I'm setting you challenge of using a paper plate to create an animal. Below there are some ideas but its completely up to you!