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Tuesday 9th February


Today we are going to be finding the durations of time. We are going to be working out what time it will be 30 minutes after a given time, 1 hour after a given time and 5 hours after a given time.



It will be useful if you have a clock at home that you can move the hands on!

If we are looking at what time it will be in 30 minutes we need to move the minute hand counting in 5's from where it starts until we get to 30 (the hour hand will move itself if you pass the 12).

If we are looking at what time it will be in 1 or 5 hours we need to move the hour hand counting in 1's to the next number. The minute hand will not move.


Have a go at these questions.


Today in our pirate training we are going to be learning all about how to deal with sea monsters. Read through the text below to find out how. Have a go at finding the answers to the questions. All of the answers are in the text. You may find it easier to highlight or underline the answers in the text like we did in the lesson. 


To make the three headed dog fall to sleep we need to make it a sleeping potion! Look at the pictures below which show you the ingredients and the steps to make the potion. Write down an instruction for each step remembering to carefully tell the explorers what to do.


Things to include:

  • title
  • introduction
  • what you need
  • numbered instructions

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day! 

It’s a day celebrated across the world in over 170 countries, with thousands of children joining in across the UK. 

It’s a day when we celebrate all the great things about being online and remind ourselves how we can stay safe.


There are lots of different ways that you can use the internet. This is also called going online. They both mean the same thing. 


Have you or someone in your house ever…


  • played on an iPad/tablet;
  • used a computer or a laptop:
  • watched a TV show or video on Netflix, Amazon prime, BBC iPlayer etc.;
  • asked a smart speaker to do something (e.g. Alexa, Google Home);
  • played with other people in an online game; 
  • used a mobile phone to chat, video call, play a game, watch a video, or find something out, or
  • used a smart watch to count how many steps you’ve done or something similar. 


You might like to look at photos online that people in your family have shared, listen to your favourite songs, or you might like to find out information about your favourite thing – for example when new dinosaurs are discovered!  


This year for Safer Internet Day we are looking at information online, and whether we can trust everything that we read or see on the internet. 


Read the story about a duck called Digiduck who loves to go online. It’s called ‘Detective Digiduck’ and it’s all about using the internet to find things out. 


Purple Mash

Log into your Purple Mash and complete the Internet Safety Quiz.




On Purple Mash design an Internet Safety Poster.