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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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In Year 1, we are using a provision based structure to our learning. This means we can explore and developing our learning through play.


Look at what some of us have been up to! 


Some of us were matching up own lower case and upper case letters!

We were making our letters out of playdough!

We were making out time words using magnetic letters!

We were playing teachers today and were teaching eachother to spell some of our red words!

Today in provision Phoebe and Maisie did some writing using our story about Leon and some of our amazing wizard words!

Some of us were able to identify our primary colours in some of the objects around the classroom!

Some of us made up a game where we had to use tweezers to retrieve the counters without touching the masking tape! We managed to get all the counters out!

Some of us were able to explore the pumpkins! We used different tools to break into them and then scoop out the insides!

Hollie was using counters to help with some part part while diagrams in provision! 

Today in provision, some of us decided to write some lost posters to help find the robot!


Today in Provision, Layla made a machine which "makes and invents things!"