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Summer 2

Yo Ho Ho, A Pirating We Go!

On Monday, we arrived at school to find a pirate ship abandoned on he field. We explored it looking at the different parts and found a treasure chest which had been left behind. The ship had crashed ashore Westwood Island with a note that they had lost their shield and all of the different segments to it. We decided that we would help them find it but first we needed to become pirates too! 

We enjoyed making pirate hats, eye patches and swords!

We found the pirate ship so interesting that we thought we would explore the different parts of it learning the proper names such as the mast, sails and rigging. We then drew our own ships and wrote our our favourite feature that they had.

Today when we arrived at school, we had arrived on upside down, back to front island. To join this island we all had to turn our clothes back to front!  As we explored the island we saw upside down tables,  upside down creatures and an upside down man Gerg (Greg) walked around. As we wandered around, we found a note with some coins. The children had to investigate the coins by checking their value and completing some coin rubbings. 

 On Monday morning there was a note stuck to our classroom door from the pirates! They were so pleased with our coin work that we were given the first piece of the shield. Now it was time to set sail to the next island. We boarded our ship on the carpet and imagined sailing over a choppy sea. As we got closer to the island it got darker and darker. We realised that our next destination was darkness island.


On this island, we had to become scientists and connect a circuit together to power a light bulb. We worked in teams to complete this challenge and were all successful. YAY!

Being on darkness island was so much fun, we decided to write our own diary entry about it. Have a look below. 

After our hard work on Darkness island, it was time to set sail to our next island!



Oh no!   Our ship crashed and we had to swim to survive!

Luckily we were all able to board a submarine and investigate the sea by looking out of the port holes when we came across a sea cave...


Inside there was our next mission and it looks like the pirates hard the same luck as us. We were lost in the sea with no idea what day or time it was. All that we found was a message and a broken clock!


Our challenge was to fix the broken clock!

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Below you can see us working hard to repair the clock, practicing our number formation and trying to find the perfect clock hands. We investigated different materials and ways to stick them on before deciding to use glue and 2 coloured pipe cleaners.

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We loved being under the sea, and getting to see all of the sea creatures! We did some beautiful painting and crafts of our favourite sea creates and then some wonderful writing about which animal we would collect in a bucket if we could!


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We continued sailing the sea in the submarine until we washed up on the shores of crazy hair island! We were all super excited to look like the trolls on this island and many of us decorated our hair with crazy colours!


Tina the troll had left us a message... as well as getting crazy hair like her and her friends we needed to practice their favourite sport activities to earn our next piece of the shield.





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