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We have been measuring water resistance by moulding plasticine into different 3D shapes and dropping it into a cylinder of water. We timed the fall and identified the most streamline object.

Water resistance

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We have been exploring air resistance in our Science today. We changed the size of the parachute and measured how this impacted the speed the pen fell. This helped us identify that the greater the parachute the bgreater the air resistance. 


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Animals including humans 

This half term we are exploring reproduction. Today we learnt about sexual and asexual reproduction. We investigated the topic by seeing if we can regrow vegetable asexually without needing 2 parents. Let’s see if it works!

After learning about asexual reproduction, today we focussed on sexual reproduction. We learnt the stages of a baby’s growth.

We have been using the enquiry skill ‘using secondary sources’ to research the life cycle of different mammals.

Earth and Space

We have been learning about the 8 planets of the solar system. The children used fruit which was a relative diameter (size) of each planet and investigated whether there was a correlation between the distance from the sun and the size of each planet.

We have been generating our own enquiry questions that we have at the end of our planet lesson. We have been thinking about what we would want to know next or maybe what we might go and research ourselves.

In ICT this week, we have used our iPads to answer our enquiry questions. We generated these in Science before using secondary sources to find the answers.

We have been researching heliocentric and geocentric models. We created our own orrerys to show how the planets orbit the sun. We learnt about Copernicus and Galileo, and how their theories have changed over time.

Science Week

The silly science workshop was so much fun! We learnt about fire, gravity and energy and got to participate in some very loud experiments.


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Our new Science topic is Earth and Space. We love learning about our Solar System. We have increased our knowledge of the planets, learnt some new scientific vocabulary, carried out experiments looking at shadows and discovered the different phases of the moon.

We have been working very hard in Science.

Our new science topic is Properties of Materials. We have begun the topic by investigating the type of material that would make the best chopping board. We looked at the different properties it would need to have and carried out an experiment.

Properties of Materials