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Phonics Activities

Below are previous phonics papers, have a go at going through them with your child. Have them sound out the word and then bled it together. Ask them to spot the 'special friends' in the word. Special friends are two or more letters that make one sound, such as oo, igh, nk, ng.
Below are all of the sounds your child needs to learn, they will already know some of them. It would be great if you could go through a sound a day with them, practising spellings with the word in too. 

Phonics Spin the Bottle

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Phonics Pong

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Phonics Suck it up!

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Phonics Bingo! 

Try and help your child make their own phonics board, you can use sounds from the previous post. You will call out a sound, if they have it they can draw a circle around it. See how quickly they can fill their board and shout bingo!

Phonics snakes and ladders! 

Roll a dice and jump that number of boxes. When you land on a sound, you have to say what it is. The winner is the first person to get to the top, Remember, you can climb up ladders, but if you land on a snakes head you have to slither down!

Roll and Read! 

You will need a dice for this, but do not worry if you don't have one. You can just pick a letter to say. Roll your dice and see what number it lands on. Then you need to go to that number column and say one of the words in it. See which column fills up first.

Fun phonics games websites to go on with your child. Start off on Phase 2 and build your way up depending on how your child is feeling. 
Below is a farm sheet. You need to try and use the sound given to write what the animal is.