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Spring 2 Adventure - Wonderland

In Music we learnt about the tempo and pitch of our class song. We then used our drums to keep the beat.

The White Rabbit told us to go and find Doris the Dormouse and that she would help up get the first ingreedient for our potion. We had to go down the rabbit hole and through the dark woods and into the flower forest. Finally we found Doris. Here are the children getting down the rabbit hole.

We needed to find a petal from a yellow flower. Doris told us that we would need to grow the flower. We found out about the life cycle of the sunflower.

We needed to plant our sunflower seeds.

In music we have been learning that notes have different pitches. We used a guitar to make high and low notes, and matched our voices to the note.

We had lots of fun on World Book Day. Dressing up as our favorite characters and doing activities from the book 'Alice in Wonderland'. Then at the end of the day we loved having our friends and families coming in to the classroom to read a story to us.