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Week 2 Activities

I hope you have been having lots of fun in your time off! I want to know all about the super things you have been doing, if you could write a diary or take lots of pictures during this time then when you come back to school we can show them one another and have a good catch up! 

DAY 1 - Geography

Using any resources you have at home, this could be lego or just drawing, can you create where you live? See if you can remember what your address is too. Once you have done this, see if you can make a map of Middleton and try and write labels for the different places! 


DAY 2 - Maths 

Have races with your different family members, or race your cars or teddies! Create medals all the way up to 10th place. Do you know who came first? Who was after the 9th person? What teddy was before the 4th one? 


DAY 3 - Phonics 

Can you create your own alien words? What special friends are you going to use in them? Can you underline which ever special friends you use? Follow the phonics lesson below and see if you can think of some words that have ur in them! 


DAY 4 - Science 

Time to go outside! Can you go on a mini beast hunt around your garden? What animals can you find? Can you draw a picture of them? If you really want to push yourself see if you can label their different body parts! 

If the weather isn't nice, Complete a floating or sinking challenge. Use the photo below to refer back too. What things can you find around your house, do you think it will float? Why? Is it waterproof? 


DAY 5 - Writing 

Can you describe this picture from Alice in Wonderland? Remember to make a super sentence with and in it if you can! 

Phonics lesson 3: 'ur'

Today's lesson will involve learning the digraph 'ur'. This is video 1 of 2. A game will be uploaded later.