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Monday12th July


First complete your arithmetic questions. Then we have some football-themed maths. Look at the guidance on the slides and complete the different tasks. 


Begin by reading Chapter Two (p.24-32). Then answer the questions. [If you don't have a copy of the booklet, the pages you need will be on here on Monday].


We are looking at the Harry Potter theme tune. Read through the PPT slides to learn about the orchestra and what the terms timbre, dynamics and tempo mean. Then, using the sheet, listen to sections of the theme tune and make notes about the timbre, dynamics and tempo in each part. (The timings on the sheet may be slightly different to those on the video. I'm sure you'll be able to tell when the mood of the music changes).

John Williams - Harry Potter Symphonic Suite

Orchestra Sinfonica della Repubblica di San MarinoDirettore: Yoichi Sugiyama20/12/2008 Concerto di Natale