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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Art Gallery

Autumn 1 

This half term, Freddie and Hettie have been put in the art gallery for their fantastic mosaic inspired by Gaudi. Well done!

Autumn 2

This half term Milly and Hollie have been awarded art gallery for their fantastic animal sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Well done! 

Spring 1 
This half term, our artists are Adamas and Sara. They worked so hard on their art work inspired by Kandinsky. Well done Adamas and Sara! 

Spring 2

This half term our artists are Roman and Reilly. They created a piece inspired Yayoi Kusama. Well done guys!

Summer 1 

Art gallery went to Reenie and Ralph for their fantastic marbling inspired by Lucy Mcgrath