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Thursday 21st January


Today we are going to be looking at moving shapes. We need to be able to say how many steps to the left, right, up and down a shape moves to get to a specific place. Have a look at the question sheets below.


Today we are going to look at the rest of the story and see if our predictions were right yesterday!

Squirrel Me Timbers - By Louise Pigott

Today I would like you to predict what might happen in a second story about Sammy the Squirrel. Think about what would be on his new map, what he would be trying to find and what problems he would get into this time round. Fill in the storyboard below.


Deep at the bottom of the lagoon we find the bottle with the next riddle and the password. The only problem is that the riddle got wet and half of it is missing! How are we supposed to know where to go? Luckily Peach knows where we are to head next- the Mystical Maze.


Today we are going to re-write the riddle to leave behind for the next set of explorers. We need to think of words to rhyme in this riddle.

  • maze- gaze, laze, haze, graze, blaze, days, lays, plays, ways, stays
  • lost- cost, crossed, tossed, frost, 
  • way- day, play, say, may, grey, pray, sway
  • code- load, mode, showed, toad, crossroad, explode 
  • hedge- edge, ledge, sledge, pledge, wedge
  • sign- mine, fine, pine, dine, line
  • map- clap, slap, tap, wrap, snap, lap, nap, tap, sap, gap


Use these sentence starters to help you-

  • The next place you must go...
  • You will find...
  • You must follow...
  • Read the...
  • Look at your...


Remember each line should rhyme, so end with the rhyming word.



The next place you will go is somewhere you can get easily lost,

Find the middle where its crossed.

You will find the locks code,

If you go down the right road.


These 2 riddles we have already had on our adventure so far- they might help you


Have a look on Purple Mash and check your 2do's. You will find a Lagoon design. Get creative and make your own lagoon for Peach to live in. You could use the internet to do some research into what starfish need to survive and add those into your lagoon too!