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Spring 1 - Dinosaur Discovery

Dinosaur Discovery


This half term we will be reuniting a Mummy Dinosaur with her lost egg. 


We will be learning how to care for living things and interesting facts about dinosaurs.


Watch this space to find out what we get up too!

We went on a winter walk and found an egg! 

It was so exciting, we all had a go at guessing what was in the egg and drew a picture with a label to record our ideas. 

We then decided we needed to look after our egg and keep it safe. We came up with a list of ideas. You can see some of our ideas in our writing below. 
On Monday morning we arrived at school to find out classroom had been trashed. We decided to investigate the clues and see who it could have been. We think it was Mummy dinosaur coming to find her egg. Our favourite clue we found was dinosaur poo! We loved it so much we had a go at making our own. This stimulated lots of conversations about what the dinosaur may have eaten and if it was a meat eating dinosaur or a plant eating dinosaur. 

In math's, Mummy dinosaur wanted to have 10 eggs in her nest so we used our 10 frames to help us find 2 numbers that go together to make the whole number 10.


Bethany told us "6 is a part, 4 is a part and together 10 is the whole number."


Charlie found "5 is a part and 5 is a part and 10 is the whole number."


There were lots of different combinations. 

This week we were each given an egg. Our challenge was to keep it warm and safe all day. We decided to investigate which material would keep the eggs the warmest. We all had a look at the materials we could choose to test from. We then made a prediction to which we thought would keep the egg the warmest. Next we tested them all. We found that the foil kept the eggs the warmest! 


Look at some of our wonderful writing that shows this.