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Summer 1 - Rainforest Rumble

Rainforest Rumble

We took our fruit to the woods to see if Terry Toucan would take some.

We made Toucan's using paper plates and looked very closely at their colours and patterns.

Finding the right fruit for Terry Toucan

Practicing reading our high frequency words

Yorkshire wildlife park 


Today we had a fantastic time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park we were asked to see if there was a suitable enclosure for the orangutan. We found lots of different animals there. We looked at their habitat and what they had to keep them happy and healthy.  

Finding Clyde and Paula Python a home!

Week 4 

We arrived at school today to a message from Peter the Ranger. He’s found evidence of Paula the Python in our classroom and we had to hunt for her.

we eventually found her curled up outside in a tyre. 

We made repeated pattern snakes

Week 3 - visiting the rainforest


We have flown to the rainforest today to find Peter the Rainforest Ranger. We made passports and boarding passes. We had a pilot and an air hostess. It was a bit of a bumpy flight because of the storm clouds but we arrived safely. 


When we met Peter he told us all about the humans chopping down the trees and how some of his animals got frightened and have vanished. 

We made missing posters for Paula the Python, Fred the tree frog and Terry the Toucan.

Week 3

Week 2


We’ve had a really exciting week starting our new  rainforest adventure. On Tuesday we were introduced to a very cheeky Orangutan who we found doing silly things in our school. 

Clyde the orangutan loves rhyming and we found him in the hall with a ball, glue in his shoe and eating a carrot with a parrot. 

We worked out other rhyming words and had great fun!

we then found out why he was here by asking him questions. We discovered his rainforest house is in danger and humans are destroying the trees. We made posters to help.

Week 1


To start this half term we have been doing all things Easter! It’s been great fun!

we received a postcard from the Easter Bunny at the beginning of the week. He was on his holiday and was cancelling Easter. We had to step up to the job and have a go at being the bunny. We made bunny ears and designed and made eggs. 

Have a look for yourself do we make good Easter Bunnies?


Today we had a very special visit from Peggy from the RSPB. Peggy works hard to teach people how important it is to look after nature to encourage insects to live there which then attracts the birds. We went outside in the school grounds and found loads of signs of nature using our senses touch, smell, sound and looking.