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SPRING 1 The American dream

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Welcome to our new and exciting adventure

The American Dream!!

Join us as we travel across the united States.   Check back here to see where we have been.

To start the adventure, the children made American flags. They cut out strips of red paper

for the stripes and stuck them onto

a piece of white card. They then

cut out 2 white triangles and

stuck them on top of each

other – one upside down.

The children made Totem Poles.

They learnt how Native Americans

carved these out of wood and carved

animal figures into them. The Totem

Poles could represent an individual,

family, clan or tribe. The believe

that 9 animals would guide them

through life.

The children set sail for America aboard a cruise ship but all did not go to plan.  Not far from the American coast, a wild storm hit and the passengers had to swim to shore.  Elder Class wrote diary entries of the event.

The ship had sunk just off the coast of New York. The children used their map skills to find out more about the state.

The swim to shore took its toll on one of the passengers who unfortunately broke their arm. After a visit to the doctor, Elder Class learnt about the human skeleton and the names for bones.

Elder Class enjoyed learning all about volcanoes. They could even label a volcano!

Once in Yellowstone, the park ranger noticed many dream catchers hanging from the branches of trees.  They had attached to them, the name of the Sioux tribe from Minnesota.  The head of this Native American tribe welcomed their safe return however the park ranger thought the trees of Yellowstone now looked bare without them.  Elder Class decided to replace the dream catchers so set about making more...

The Sioux chief was so grateful that he taught us how to make authentic Native Indian headdresses.

At the end of our adventure, we invited parents into school to see the amazing and wonderful work we had done. We also wanted some audience participation so set parents the challenge to label a skeleton using the correct scientific names.