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The Mysterious Mayan Mission

One highlight of our Adventure was the Mayan Museum. We invited all the parents to this, where they could experience what it was like to be a Mayan. They loved looking at our work and watching all the children in role.  

One of the highlights of our Adventure was our trip to Cadbury World. It was a long trip to Birmingham, but we enjoyed every minute and learnt so much about the Mayans. It was of course a great opportunity to do some chocolate tasting too.

The children have also learnt about Mayan Hieroglyphics and have practiced writing these in clay.

One morning, the children were sent an ancient letter, telling them there was a mysterious object somewhere on the school field. The children searched for this and found it was a Magical Headdress. The children then wrote a story about what they had found.

For homework, the children had a go at making their own time machines to take people back to Mayan times. Here are some examples...
To try and fit in with the Mayan culture, the children had a go at making some of their own Headdresses. They learnt about the different types of Headdresses the Mayan's wore and how they varied on how wealthy the particular Mayan person was. 

To begin our first Adventure of the Mysterious Mayan Mission, the children had to learn about where the Mayan’s came from. They did a Burn2learn where they had to find the names of the different countries in Central America around school. Afterwards, they had to locate these on a map.

The Mayans wore wonderful headdresses made from feathers, jade and other jewels to show their status in society, the bigger and grander the headdress, the more important they are! 

In computing the children created these mash cams of themselves as very important Mayans.

Our adventure started with a message from a famous American explorer John Lloyd Stephens. He told us he had built a time machine to go back to the time of the ancient Mayans. The mysterious people lived many years ago and not a lot was known about them. He asked us if we wanted to go and of course we said YES! 

Some of the time machines that the children made for their homework

Before we set off we wanted to know where we were going so we used our geography skills to locate Central America on the map. We then looked closely and the surrounding countries.

The children found through their research that Central America is in a very different time zone to the UK. After leaning more about time zones the children then worked out what time they would arrive in Central America is looking at flight times and time zones. 
The children then travelled back in time to the ancient Mayan times! When they arrived in Chichen Itea they saw a Mayan temple. The children were asked to write a setting description focusing on expanded noun phrases to describe what they could see. 
The Mayans told us about their hierarchy system that people were separated into. Using this information the children designed their own Mayan headdresses following the criteria depending on which Mayan they were making it for. The children then created their headdresses, paying close attention to their designs. They then wrote an evaluation on making them and looked at which parts they loved and what they would change if they were to do it again.