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Class songs

Summer 2

Our song for this half term is the Pirate song,     "When I was one..."

There are different versions of this song and we'll be looking at the different ones, but here is the one we will start with. 

Click on the link below and sing a long. 



Summer 1 

Down in the Jungle where nobody goes.


We are sure our children will soon pick up this song and will love to join in singing and doing the actions .  Please sing along at home with your child, we'd love to see videos on Tapestry of your child enjoying the song at home.

Down In The Jungle - KIDDY MUSIC

Enjoy other 17 Kiddy Music nursery rhymes:Here We Go Round The Mulbery Bush: Incy Wincy Spider:

Spring 2

The Farmer plants the seeds

This half term we will be learning how plants and flowers grow.  This is a simple song, sung to the familiar tune of 'The Farmer's in his den' In the end vegetables have grow and it's time to eat them!  Sing along at home with your child, we'd love to see some videos of your children singing with you. 

'The Farmer plants his Seeds', Song for EYFS, KS1, Farming, Harvesting, Vegetables, Growth,

An easy little song for young children on the theme of planting and growing vegetables. (Sung to the familiar tune of 'The farmer's in the dell').Suitable fo...

Spring 1 class song-Dino Discovery 

We will be singing 5 little dinosaurs in Nursery this half term which will be great for our counting to 5 and using our fingers to show numbers. We love this song and hopefully you will share it with your family at home! You could even teach it to them. We will be adding 5 little dinosaurs into the provision so the children can practise the song when playing. We cannot wait to see how good they get!

Christmas songs 

Snowflakes is one of the songs that we will be singing around the Christmas tree for our class performance. If you can practise at home, that would be amazing! Thank you!

Little Snowflake

Autumn 2 class song

This half term our class song is 'How many fingers?' We have been listening to it in school a lot and the children love joining in. Can you have a go at home? Can you sing it to your brothers or sisters? We would love to see how good you can get when we do it in school! We have been counting using our fingers and we have added lots to the provision to get the children involved in their learning. 

How Many Fingers?

Our class song this half term is Incy Wincy Spider. Will be adding lots of spiders to our provision areas and encouraging counting and talking about how many legs they have and where they can be found. We will sing in small groups in the classroom and encourage the children to join in and have fun! Have a go at encouraging them to sing this at home!

Incy Wincy Spider