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Good Work

Week 1 - Elsa.

Elsa really impressed me with her pop art kite picture. She tried really hard to make sure her picture was neat and it turned out fantastically!

Week 2 - BooBoo. BooBoo has been a little superstar with her phonics work this week! She has been practising her inital sounds and really tried to blend simple CVC words. 

Week 3 - Lorna. 

Lorna made an amazing kite this week. She designed fairies on it and it turned out amazing!

Week 4 - Alex

Alex wrote some beautiful sentences and even used and in his work!

Week 6 - Ellie. Ellie created an amazing art piece for mental health day. She tried hard with her water colours and blended them together to make a beautiful picture.



Week 1 - Rose. I was so impressed with Rose as she has been trying really hard learning her two times tables. 

Week 2 - Oliver. Oliver wrote a beautiful piece of writing this week, I was so proud of how he has came on with his pencil grip. 
Week 3 - Hilary. Hilary has only just starting to learn to count in tens and she has already learnt up to 100. 
Week 4 - Mia. Mia has completed some amazing phonics work - I'm so proud! 

Week 5 - Charlie. 

Charlie has produced an amazing monkey out of plasticine. Well done!

Week 6 - Boo. Boo created an amazing jewish menorah. Well done!

Spring 2 - 


Week 1 - Oliver. Oliver wrote so much in his first week back and I was so impressed with his set of instructions. 

Summer 1 - 


Week 1 - Hilary. 

Hilary created a wonderful newspaper report all about the dragon attack on the princess. 


Week 2 - Blake,.

Blake wrote an amazing letter to the dragon asking him to come down from the sky. He tried really hard with his handwriting.