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The Gingerbread Man

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Story Map

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In between each of my pictures on the story map, I have used an arrow. This is to show the next event/ introduction of a new character. Please help and remind your child to use an arrow before drawing the next picture in the story sequence.



I haven't labelled every picture as I wanted to leave some blank for the children to decide what they wanted to write.


You may notice that when I have begun to add my text some of the words are spelt incorrectly. Whilst they are incorrect, they are phonetically correct. We would really like the children to try and apply the sounds that they have learnt in their phonics into their writing. 


To achieve the early learning goal in writing for reception, children need to apply their phonics knowledge to write the words as they sound so they are phonetically correct


Miss Rhodes and Miss Penny’s phonics group

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Miss Rhodes and Miss Penny’s continued

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Miss Murphy’s group

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Words to read and sort into ee and ea lists

  • three 
  • real
  • see
  • tree
  • tea
  • dream
  • seat
  • feel
  • been
  • clean
  • scream
  • sleep


Miss Lindsay and Mrs Burke/Miss Kirk Phonics group

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In the video below I demonstrate using the part part whole model. This is to demonstrate investigating ways of making 10. To reach the early learning goal, it is desired that children are able to retain some number bond facts to 10. 

After using the model to investigate, try giving your child a number or showing them so many fingers and then asking them what number they need to add to that to make 10.


PS. In the video one of my grapes rolls away so I have to put the camera down for a few seconds, continue watching when it goes black for a few seconds and I will reappear. 

Part Part Whole

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