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In our first editing lesson the children were looking at a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) about Mayan headdresses. They became teachers and highlighted and annotated the paragraph.

Another lesson involved the children improving a WABOLL (What A Bad One Looks Like).

During the first editing lesson of the half term, the children worked on removal and improvement skills. They heard two sentences that needed making better that could have featured in a diary, description or story about The Blitz. Then they focused on matching good relative clauses to the part of the sentence they had through a burn 2 learn. The children then had to individually improve and remove parts from a pre-written paragraph.

The next editing lesson saw the children reaching for the stars. They had three setting descriptions of London before the Blitz. They had to read and highlight the good features of each text. The next step was to rank the pieces of work from star piece to moon piece to earth piece. We looked closer at the star piece and discussed each feature. The children then created their own success criteria for a setting description.

In editing the children focussed on a new skill: WAJOLL (What a jumbled one looks like). They read a paragraph about evacuation that wasn’t written in a good order. They then had to move the sentences around so it made more sense. They then added fronted adverbials to aid cohesion of the paragraph.