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Good Work

Autumn 1 - 


Week 1 : Esperence for her amazing maths work. She formed all her numbers correctly and could count to 10.


Week 2 : Olly created an amazing dream jar on Roald Dahl day. I was so impressed with how neat his drawings                       were!


Week 3: BooBoo wrote an incredible description of AbdulKazam and used our wizard words. 


Week 4: Logan tried really hard with his maths work and learnt how to use a part part whole diagram!


Week 5: Cassandra blew me away with her fantastic reading skills!


Week 6: Adamaas has been trying so hard with his phonics and I have been really impressed!

Autumn 2 - 


Week 1 - Kayden. Kayden produced an amazing diary entry about our new friend Ted!


Week 2 - Oscar was amazing at helping Saffy find out what a material is! He sorted materials into plastic, paper, rocks and metal. 


Week 3 - Olivier really impressed Miss Penny with his amazing Church drawing. He took a lot of time and effort into making it look as amazing as it did. 


Week 4 - Ilina produced an amazing piece of writing, inviting Ted to visit Barbie world. 


Week 5: Adamas tried so hard with his maths work this week and smashed his maths paper! 


Week 6: Raigen wowed me with her spellings after she wrote every single one correctly. Well done!

Spring 1 - 


Week 1 : Dylan was awarded good work for his fantastic art work of a rocket. He took so much time and effort when drawing it, I was really impressed!


Week 2: Kai has blown me away with his writing this week. He is a lot more independent and is starting to sound out the words when writing them. Well done Kai.


Week 3: Kayden has been working so hard with with his quick addition to 10. He has been practising so much that he shot up from scoring 9 last week on his challenge to getting 29 this week! Keep it up Kayden.


Week 4: Ellie drew an amazing picture of what hospitals looked like before Florence Nightingale and what they look like now thanks to all of her hard work. It looked amazing. 

Spring 2.


Week 1: Mason has blown me away with his maths work this week. He is independent and always gives 100%.


Week 2: Logan did some super reading today and I was so proud of him! He sounded out his words correctly and could answer lots of my questions!


Week 3: Ebonie completed a lovely piece of science work on evergreen and deciduous trees with Mrs Oates. Well done! 

Summer 1 - 


Week 1 - Kai learnt the sound "ie" today and I was so proud of how he managed to spell several words with this sound in. He even spelt magpie correctly!


Week 4 - Esperance wrote a beautiful recount of her trip to Skipton Castle. She used adjectives, wizard words and capital letters! 


Week 5 - Harley painted a beautiful picture of a flower in his provision time. He studied the flowers in the art area and then painted them the correct colours. Well done!