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Net & Wall (KS1)

Blossom & Cherry


Pupils will be introduced to the basic skills required in Net and Wall games. Pupils will learn the importance of the ready position. They will develop throwing, catching and racket skills, learning to track and hit a ball. They will learn to play against an opponent and over a net. They will begin to use rules and simple tactics when playing against a partner. They will be encouraged to demonstrate good sportsmanship and show respect towards others.


Key Skills

  • Physical: throwing, catching, hitting a ball, tracking a ball
  • Social: respect, communication
  • Emotional: honesty and fair play, determination
  • Thinking: decision making, using simple tactics, recalling information, comprehension




Pupils will develop the basic skills involved in net and wall games. They will develop their understanding of the principles of net and wall games such as using the ready position to defend their space and sending the ball away from an opponent to maximise their chances of scoring. They will learn to play games honestly, abiding by the rules and showing respect towards their opponents and teammates.


Key Skills

  • Physical: throwing, catching, racket skills, ready position, hitting a ball
  • Social: support, co-operation, respect, communication
  • Emotional: perseverance, honesty
  • Thinking: decision making, reflection, comprehension, selecting and applying