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Monday 18th January 2021

Monday 18th January


Good morning! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the snow! Welcome to a new week of remote learning, we have lots of exciting things lined up this week including starting our new science topic!

This afternoon at 2.30pm, we will be hosting our live assembly which we should have had on Friday but rescheduled due to the snow. Therefore parents, if you have any last minute shoutouts from the weekend, please send them to me by 1pm so I can get the virtual certificates ready to send out. 


Guided Reading (10.30am)

We've learnt lots about Joe's mum in the last section of the book we listened to. We've learnt that she is a bit of a strange cook. So, continuing to think about our visualisation skills and using what we know about Joe's mum, I'd like you to design a meal which Joe's mum could have prepared! Then, I'd like you to describe what the meal smells like, tastes like, looks like and feels like (senses). I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the weird and wonderful creations you come up with - remember Joe's mum gets bits of food from supermarkets for the meals are quite random. Will Ajay and Joe be impressed with your meal?


Adventure (anytime)

Later this week, we are going to be thinking about a very famous scientist called Charles Darwin. Below, I have attached a PowerPoint with information about his life. It is only a brief overview. In writing this week, we are going to be writing a biography about this man so you guys need to be the experts on Charles Darwin. Today, I'd like you to read the information and create a timeline of his life. I've done an example below but you could include important dates where important things in his life happened. This will then make it really easy to look at your timeline when you come to writing your biography later on.


Writing (1pm)

Today, we are going to write our leaflet on a leaflet format. If you grab a sheet of paper and fold in into thirds, that will then give you 6 spaces to write your leaflet information on. Look at the picture below to see my example which I have made using the text I did. You could also print off some pictures to go with your writing and stick them on or you could draw them to go with what you are talking about.


I have also set it as a 2do online on PurpleMash if you would like to have a go at it on this as well, that would be brilliant.


Remember our features of a leaflet which we spoke about in the live lesson. It needs to be eye-catching and bright and we need to be able to read all of the information.


Maths (9.15am)

Today, my group are moving on to look at the column method of addition again where we have to rename, exchange and carry on because if you remember - we can only have 10 as a maximum in each column, then we need to do some swapping about. I'll show you this in the live lesson and then there are some questions for you to have a go at at home. We're mastering this column method now my group - you're doing brilliant with it, well done!

Mr Cooper’s maths - number formation warmup

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Column method example

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Writing - when you're writing your leaflets today, remember to include all of these features which we identified in the examples!

Adventure task explanation

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