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Wednesday 13th Jan


We are going to be looking at multiplying 3-digit numbers. Today, we are putting some of our equations into context for example, money, so that the you can see where you would use this skill in real life. Using the skills from previous lessons, you will use various methods to get to your answer. Please ensure that you show all of your working out so that I can see how you got to your answer. Use the slides to help you with how it should be set out. We will go through examples together from the in focus and let's learn and then you will carry out the guided practice and workbook questions independently. Please don't forget to send me your work!


Children's work- Charlie Ellis

Guided reading:

We are going to be predicting today, carrying on with The Iron Man. For the input activity, we are going to watch a short clip from literacy shed to practice making a logical prediction using the information given to us. Pause the clip when Bibo is in his workshop with a box of parts and predict what you think he's going to make. This will be discussed on the live lesson. From this, you should all now be amazing at predicting so I would like you to make a prediction on what you think is going to happen in the next chapter of The Iron Man. I would like this to be a chunky paragraph with reasons why you think this. You can set this out in a table if you wish and then send me a photo of your work through email.


Today, we will start writing our leaflet for Yellowstone National Park. We need people to visit Yellowstone in order for them to receive more money to restore the animal's habitats. In order for this to happen, you need to persuade people to go! We will only be writing the introduction paragraph of our leaflet today, focusing on using commas in a list. On the live lesson, we will remind ourselves on how to use commas in a list and discuss what we might list in the first paragraph. Then, you will independently write your introduction ensuring that you use the SPAG objective. Please send me your writing through email.

Example of commas in a list;

Still image for this video

Children's work- Skyler's original and edited.


Today, I would like you to do some research on Ansel Adams. He is a photographer who took photos of landscapes. Find out as much information as you can about him as tomorrow you are going to give it a go and take some photos of your own.