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Curriculum Character

R2DT absolutely loves Design and Technology and has been interested in making and creating things ever since he was a little boy.


His favourite toy to play with when he was younger was Lego as you can make so many different creations out of it. He loved choosing different bricks and building all sorts from houses to dinosaurs to boats and rocket ships. He would always add bits or take bits away so they flew better or ROARED better! It was his favourite thing to do. He learnt to develop his ideas using computer-aided design (CAD) and now creates designs on computers before he makes them. He’s a real computer whizz!  


Every weekend when his dad was working away in his garden shed, R2DT always asked to help him out and loved playing with the glue gun, sticking things together and helping his dad make new tables or chairs for their home. This led to R2DT being interested in mechanisms which he uses in his everyday life from pulleys to wheels and gears. 


When he was in Reception at school, he always went to the junk modelling table and made all sorts of different creations to take home to show his family. He was always asking his teacher questions and was so inquisitive and he made sure he made the best rocket or car or flower! He would change his designs and add different bits to them just like the Lego.


As he grew a bit older, R2DT started getting into baking with his family and loved experimenting with lots of different flavours and ideas. He learnt all about nutrition and what was important in his diet. His favourite thing to bake was a chocolate orange brownie (eaten in moderation) and he must have tried a hundred different ingredients to get the perfect recipe. He keeps his recipe a secret now though!


R2DT has loved growing up with design and technology around him and cannot wait to carry on with his passion helping you to learn all about Design and Technology. Are you ready to join R2DT to learn all about DT and the amazing world around you?