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Adventure 4: What Happens in Wonderland...

          What Happens in Wonderland...

It is a bright sunny day, we are all on the school field when suddenly we find a whole garden of remarkable mushrooms that look delicious. We see a sign that says ‘eat me’. We cannot decide whether we should eat them or not, but because they look so tempting we cannot refuse!

We were told by the White Rabbit that the only way we could turn back to our normal size was to drink a special potion. He told us we would need to collect the ingredients and that the first thing we would need was a petal from a daffodil. We had to find different ways to get to the top of yellow flowers to work out if they were daffodils or not. We tried flying on bee's, hopping on a grasshopper, using the leaves as steps and slithering on a slug.

On the last flower we found, there was a dormouse asleep inside! We asked her is she has seen any daffodils. Unfortunately she told us none had grown because it was too cold. We needed to grow our own. We looked at the different parts of a flowering plant to make sure we took a petal and then looked at the life-cycle of a bulb so we would know when the petals would appear.

In art we created our own paper daffodils and looked at the different parts of the flower we needed to create it.

Doris told us that the next thing we need for our potion is a feather from a duck. The Queen of Hearts sent us some duck eggs from her land to look after but she said we needed to give her something in return...

We had to look after the duckling carefully and give them lots of attention until they are big enough to get a feather from.